Open 5th March to 8 May 2022, at the Beijing Minsheng Art Museum.  Refocusing on the Medium: the Rise of East Asia Video Art  A short video overview of the exhibition can be seen here! And see Beijing Minsheng Art Museum post (use google English translation feature). The exhibition tours to Beijing after opening at OCAT Shanghai last year. Exhibition curator Kim Machan said "It is wonderful to be able to realise the exhibition again in Beijing and expand to include significant works by Zhang Peili,  Yang Zhenzhong and Li Yongbin. It ... Read More

OCAT Shanghai in partnership with MAAP,  is pleased to present Refocusing on the Medium: The Rise of East Asia Video Art, the first exhibition to assemble key protagonists that initiated experiments with the medium of video originating from Japan, Korea, and China, on view from 27 December 2020 to 21 March 2021.  Full exhibition catalogue HERE English  PR-Refocusing on the Medium_the Rise of East Asia Video Art Chinese 新闻稿-重新聚焦媒介:东亚录像艺术的兴起   Behind the scenes preparation at OCAT Shanghai&nb ... Read More

MAAP presents Louise Bennett and Erika Scott in the 2017 KOSMA International Exhibition, Media Nostalgia: Time Reflection The exhibition is organised by The Korean Society of Media & Arts and will be shown at the Asia Culture Plaza Outdoor Media Wall (Media Façade), Gwangju, Korea, opening 2nd November and screening until the 5th November 2017. The Asia Culture Plaza Outdoor Media Wall commands an area measuring 75 metres in length and 16 metres high. The program will tour to Malaysia where it will be displayed in December 2017 in anothe ... Read More

Zhang Peili: From Painting to Video

26 August 2016 to 15 December 2016 ,  Australian Centre on China in the World, Australian National University, Canberra

Zhang Peili: from Painting to Video is a collaboration between MAAP-Media Art Asia Pacific and the Australian Centre on China in the World (CIW), at the Australian National University. The project is built around the recent acquisition of one of Zhang’s last paintings from the 1990s before he shifted his focus to video and media installation art. Newly restored, and never before exhibited, Flying Machine (1994) - a generous gift to CIW from Zhang’s friend and fellow artist, Lois Conner - became an opportunity to expl ... Read More

Benjamin Crowley

21/07/16 to 31/08/16 ,  MAAP SPACE

Media Art Residency Award 2016 From late July until the end of August MAAP Media Art Asia Pacific hosts Media Art Residency Award winner Benjamin Crowley at MAAP SPACE. This solo residency program allows the artist to develop new work with full access to MEDIA BANK equipment and gallery space. During this time Benjamin has the opportunity to re-work and analyse old works, experiment with new media and open up new directions in his practice. The 11th August opening signals the first part of the exhibition and studio residency. This iteration of th ... Read More


26 May 2016 to 08 July 2016 ,  MAAP SPACE

In this solo exhibition Taeyoon Kim takes the material of digital media from our everyday lives and transforms this data into hypnotic video loops. Taeyoon uses both complicated algorithms and captured footage to create playful yet meditative works that contemplate how we adapt to virtual spaces that are ever growing within physical space that can become narrowed. Taeyoon’s recent work explores post-Internet theory and his work is a unique materialized form of the data that drives society. The vitalization of the network interface, via websites such as Tu ... Read More

Alrey Batol – Media Art Residency Award 2016

01/03/2016 - 20/04/2016 ,  MAAP SPACE

From March 2016, MAAP Media Art Asia Pacific hosted Alrey Batol, winner of our 2016 Media Art Residency Award, at MAAP SPACE. During the six weeks Alrey spent with MAAP he had full access to MEDIA BANK equipment and the gallery space, which he took full advantage of. Using unorthodox techniques Alrey investigated repetitive layering of images collected from the internet through a software filtering program. One hundred high resolution representations of luxury designer bags by Louis Vuitton were the base material in his interrogation of the image that ... Read More


19 November 2015 to 28 February 2016 ,  MAAP SPACE + Brisbane River CityCat Ferry Service

        Unlimited is the umbrella title for João Vasco Paiva’s site-specific art project that inhabits the CityCat ferry terminals along the Brisbane River and also an exhibition in MAAP–Media Art Asia Pacific’s gallery, MAAP SPACE in Fortitude Valley. The Hong Kong based artist has installed maritime signal flags at seven CityCat ferry terminals along the Brisbane River – each abstract flag design represents a letter of the alphabet and can be deciphered with the signal flag code. This work employs a new arti ... Read More


26 March to 6 May 2015 ,  Guangdong Museum of Art

MAAP in partnership with the Guangdong Museum of Art presents its critically acclaimed exhibition LANDSEASKY: revisiting spatiality in video art. The exhibition will open at the museum in Guangzhou, China 26 March 2015, shortly after the close of the Art Basel Hong Kong art fair. In this final China presentation of the exhibition, all artists will be shown simultaneously across the entire Level 2 of Guangdong Museum of Art, an area close to 2,000 square meters. LANDSEASKY presents work by a range of artists from different countries, cultures and g ... Read More

Louise Bennett – All At Once – Exhibition

22 May to 3 July 2015 ,  MAAP SPACE

  Please Join us at MAAP Space (111 Constance Street, Fortitude Valley QLD 4006) for All At Once. An exhibition of works from Louise Bennett's recent artist residency at MAAP SPACE, Brisbane. https://www.maap.org.au/2015/residency-award-to-louise-bennett/ Opening Night - May 22, 5:30 - 7:30pm Tuesday to Friday 10pm-4pm Saturday 2:00pm - 6:00pm or by appointment Louise Bennett’s exhibition All at Once explores screen-based mediation as an unstable fluid space of rainstorms and unpredictable futures. All at Once investigates the condition ... Read More

  LANDSEASKY : revisiting spatiality in video art Jan Dibbets (The Netherlands), Paul Bai (Australia), Lauren Brincat (Australia),  Barbara Campbell (Australia), Wang Gongxin (China), Shilpa Gupta (India), Yeondoo Jung (South Korea), Derek Kreckler (Australia), Giovanni Ozzola (Italy), Joao Vasco Paiva (Portugal/Hong Kong), Wang Peng (China), Kimsooja (South Korea), Craig Walsh (Australia), Sim Cheol Woong (South Korea), Heimo Zobernig (Austria), Yang Zhenzhong (Ch ... Read More

LANDSEASKY in Brisbane, Australia

1 October to 28 November 2014 ,  Griffith University Art Gallery

Presented in partnership with Griffith University Art Gallery in a two part configuration LANDSEASKY comes to Brisbane. Presenting a visually rich exhibition of screen-based artwork by leading international and Australian contemporary artists at Griffith University Art Gallery & MAAP Space Gallery from 1 October to 28 November 2014. Works in the exhibition reflect upon the overriding theme of the horizon-line as a timeless source for inspiration and a metaphor for humanity’s relationship to the world.  But in the digital era, an entire generation of ar ... Read More

LANDSEASKY in Sydney, Australia

21 August to 11 October 2014 ,  National Art School Gallery

  Presented for the first time in Australia by MAAP – Media Arts Asia Pacific – and curated by MAAP Director Kim Machan, LANDSEASKY is a visually rich exhibition of screen-based artwork by leading international and Australian contemporary artists at the National Art School Gallery, Sydney from 21st August to 11th October 2014 Works in the exhibition reflect upon the overriding theme of the horizon-line as a timeless source for inspiration and a metaphor for humanity’s relationship to the world.  But in the digital era, an entire generation ... Read More

LANDSEASKY in Shanghai, China

20 April to 22 June 2014 ,  OCT Contemporary Art Terminal Shanghai

                  2014年4月20日- 6月15日 地点:OCAT 上海馆,北苏州路1016号(文安路30号) 开幕式:2014年4月19日,5 – 9 pm 策展人:金曼 OCAT上海馆荣幸呈现展览“海陆空-重访录像艺术的空间性”。17位国际当代艺术家将带来最具趣味性和挑战性的录像作品,在亚太地区三国间进行巡展。展览由中国、澳大利亚及韩国多家知名美术馆画廊的共同合作,并将于2014年4月20日在OCAT ... Read More

LANDSEASKY in Seoul, Korea

21 February to 23 March 2014

  LANDSEASKY: revisiting spatiality in video art brings visually rich and challenging video artworks from 17 international contemporary artists to 3 countries, 5 cities, activating 11 venues in a major Asia - Australia tour. The exhibition was presented in South Korea, China and Australia across multiple prestigious museums and galleries in 2014 - 2015, and including Artsonje Center (Seoul), OCT- Contemporary Art Terminal (Shanghai), Guangdong Museum of Art (Guangzhou), Griffith University Art Gallery and ... Read More

Yeondoo Jung

27/9/2013 - 8/11/2013 ,  MAAP SPACE

Yeondoo Jung makes elaborate artificial environments for video and photographs. Combining handmade theatrical sets with analogue special effects, the South Korean artist creates worlds that are richly detailed and slick but always a little imperfect. MAAP SPACE presents two spectacular video works, Documentary Nostalgia (2007) and Twilight Seoul (2012), in what is Yeondoo’s first Australian solo-exhibition. In these works, as with many of his projects, the artist plays with the shakiness of truth in both representation and recollection. Filmed in a single une ... Read More

Shilpa Gupta

26/7/2013 - 30/8/2013 ,  MAAP SPACE

Indian conceptual artist Shilpa Gupta presents four major works at MAAP Space in a solo presentation of video, sculpture and installation work. Launching her career in 1997, with a strong focus on media and interactive art[1], Gupta’s work has come to be internationally regarded for its commentary on the intertwining of the political and the personal across a vast range of contemporary issues. Gupta is interested in human perception and how information, visible or invisible, is transmitted and internalized in everyday life. Constantly drawn to how objects are ... Read More

Wang Gongxin

22/3/2013 - 26/4/2013 ,  MAAP SPACE

MAAP's current exhibition in Brisbane continues a focused series of leading media artists. Wang Gongxin has a significant place in contemporary Chinese art history. As a senior first generation video artist in China, Wang has produced an accomplished body of work over the past twenty years and has had great influence on a younger generation of artists within China. Trained as a painter, Wang Gongxin moved into video and photography after an extended time living in New York during the late 80’s and returning to live in Beijing in 1994. Working across med ... Read More

Patty Chang & David Kelley: Route 3

12/10/2012 - 16/11/2012 ,  MAAP SPACE (gallery 1)

Set in Northwest Laos, the meeting point of the Mekong river, China and Burma, Route 3 (2011) sees celebrated U.S. artists Patty Chang & David Kelley sharpen their idiosyncratic collaborative project: the geo-political Asian road film. Neat in focus and beautifully composed, the work studies the spatial, environmental, economic and social impact of Route 3, a recently constructed trade route between China, Laos and Thailand. With Chang and Kelley tuned into local routines and rhythms, the sleepy and formerly self-contained mountain villages of Laos appear in s ... Read More

Zhang Peili at MAAP SPACE

4/8/2012 - 15/9/2012 ,  MAAP SPACE

Zhang Peili is a senior artist who emerged in the first wave of Chinese contemporary art in the 1980s. His seminal video work 30 X 30 (1988) anchors his reputation as one of the most significant figures in Chinese contemporary art and is broadly accepted as being the first video art work produced in China. After studying painting at Zhejiang Art Academy (now the China Academy of Art), Zhang’s experimental practice quickly transgressed painting. His conceptual approach to art making led him to a variety of media and techniques including instruct ... Read More

Light from Light

2010-2013 ,  State Library of Queensland

Light from Light is an international touring exhibition of contemporary art from Australia and China. Between October 2010 - January 2012, the exhibition was on display at the State Library of Queensland, while a duplicate of the exhibition toured throughout China, visiting the Shanghai Library (3/11/2010—7/2/2011), National Library of China and National Art Museum of China (29/4/2011—30/6/2011), and Hangzhou Public Library (14/7/2011—18/9/2011).  Following the international tour, Light from Light - REPRISE a summary of the exhibition was held at ... Read More

Intimate Transactions, 2008-2009

28 August 2008 to 18 October 2009 ,  Dubbo Regional Gallery

Intimate Transactions, 2008-2009 Intimate Transactions is an interactive installation developed by Brisbane's Transmute Collective: Keith Armstrong, Guy Webster and Lisa O'Neill. The work allows two people in separate spaces to interact simultaneously using their bodies and custom designed 'smart furniture'. Participants engage in a shared sensory intimacy, as they navigate their way through a physical interface of digital imagery, multichannel sound and tactile feedback. The presentation of Intimate Transactions at Synthetic Times, National Art Mu ... Read More

MAAP 2006: out of the internet

30 November 2006 to 25 January 2007 ,  State Library of Queensland

MAAP’s 2006 media art festival, OUT OF THE INTERNET, considered artists working in or connected through internet art practice. OUT OF THE INTERNET realized an interconnected and context-articulate exhibition presence of net-based work across a range of locations from elite museums, galleries, library networks and into a cascade of urban spaces. The internet as a place of operation, exchange and creation for art can be understood as antithetical to established gallery-museum structures. The artists build their own exhibition space. It is a space that opens ... Read More

Yves Klein’s, Le Peintre de l'Espace se Jette Dans le Vide (Leap into the Void) 1960 was created at the time when the first cosmonaut left the gravitational pull of the earth; the photograph’s iconicity then and today results in part from its conceptual representation of a radical shift in how our world was perceived. Exploring conceptual and political notions of gravity – with Klein’s Leap into the Void 1960 as a key anchor to the ways the art works might be read - MAAP in 2004 presented and produced GRAVITY in Singapore across seven major art venues c ... Read More

                In 2002 MAAP became a mobile Asia Pacific new media organization with the MAAP in Beijing exhibition hosted by the China Millennium Monument Art Museum with the support of The China International Exhibitions Agency, The Gohua Group, The Central Academy of Fine Arts and the Australian Embassy in Beijing. The festival theme of ‘moist’ suggested a conductive environment of cultural ideas recognising the non-linear and pluralist characteristics of contemporary art, culture and s ... Read More