Taeyoon Kim, Steady Griffins, 5 channel video, random loop, variable size, 2014. Photo Mick Richards

In this solo exhibition Taeyoon Kim takes the material of digital media from our everyday lives and transforms this data into hypnotic video loops. Taeyoon uses both complicated algorithms and captured footage to create playful yet meditative works that contemplate how we adapt to virtual spaces that are ever growing within physical space that can become narrowed.

Taeyoon’s recent work explores post-Internet theory and his work is a unique materialized form of the data that drives society. The vitalization of the network interface, via websites such as Tumblr and Blogspot, has resulted in a new technology and method for collecting and sharing information. The particles of these individually selected bits of information and data creates oscillations due to the flow of data and the continuous transition and transformation of this flow caused by the process of an individual’s acceptance and sharing resulting in new oscillations. These oscillations of data particles generate infinite feedback via the creation of new links and relationships.

MAAP’s newly appointed Korean researcher Seolhui Lee’s has made an in-depth interview with the artist and is available below.

The exhibition runs until Friday 08 July 2016

Taeyoon Kim (b.1982) currently lives and works in Seoul. Taeyoon received his BFA in Film and Video at the Art Institute Chicago and studied Live Action at the California Institute of the Arts. Taeyoon is represented by ONE AND J. Gallery in Seoul, Korea and has exhibited in group exhibitions in Korea, Hong Kong and the United States.

Seolhui Lee’s interview with Taeyoon Kim

Full interview available here

I’m wondering about the circulating attribute of time… That’s why I tend to use loops which are set to playback in random order. When these random cycles are put together it creates coincidences. These coincidences are actually not really coincidences but are destined to happen. Even computers cannot keep precise timing and create gaps in between cycles. I think these coincidences or tiny cracks or accidents in between each routine raise questions in our current sense of time. – Taeyoon Kim 2016

Seolhui Lee is an independent curator living in South Korea. She studied sculpture and fine arts as an undergrad and is finishing her master’s thesis on the 1980s Korean contemporary art movement group “Reality and Speak.” Seolhui has worked at multiple museums such as the MMCA (National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art) and SeMA (Seoul Museum of Art), participated in the Doosan Gallery’s Curator Workshop, and also co-curated the exhibition Discrete Use of Reality in 2016. She’s currently a researcher at MAAP (Media Art Asia Pacific), multimedia artist and documentary filmmaker Minouk Lim’s international communications manager, and art & culture writer for South Korea’s #1 English publication, Groove Magazine.
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Opening Night: Thursday 26th May 2016

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