LANDSEASKY in Brisbane, Australia

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Presented in partnership with Griffith University Art Gallery in a two part configuration LANDSEASKY comes to Brisbane. Presenting a visually rich exhibition of screen-based artwork by leading international and Australian contemporary artists at Griffith University Art Gallery & MAAP Space Gallery from 1 October to 28 November 2014.

Works in the exhibition reflect upon the overriding theme of the horizon-line as a timeless source for inspiration and a metaphor for humanity’s relationship to the world.  But in the digital era, an entire generation of artists uses the screen space not only to present stunning and evocative images, but work that also incorporates sculptural, architectural and conceptual elements.

LANDSEASKY sets out to challenge the illusionist elements that we readily consume in screen culture. The artists have been selected as their work sharpens our focus on the medium of video, inevitably comparing and contrasting the strategies each artist uses to articulate their concepts. The works have a very strong physical and visual impact. However, the exhibition extends the investigation of video space to include other subtle approaches that will add and amplify the discussion of spatiality in video. For instance, some of the proposed works update the connection between history and society with a fresh perspective.
Kim Machan, Curator

LANDSEASKY presents work by a range of artists from different countries, cultures and generations.  Artists include: Jan Dibbets (The Netherlands)Paul Bai (Australia)Lauren Brincat (Australia),  Barbara Campbell (Australia)Wang Gongxin (China)Shilpa Gupta (India)Yeondoo Jung (South Korea)Derek Kreckler (Australia)Giovanni Ozzola (Italy)Joao Vasco Paiva (Portugal/Hong Kong)Wang Peng (China)Kimsooja (South Korea)Craig Walsh (Australia)Sim Cheol Woong (South Korea)Heimo Zobernig (Austria)Yang Zhenzhong (China)Zhu Jia (China)

The exhibition launched in Seoul, Korea on 21 February 2014 across the following venues:Artsonje CenterLee Hwaik GalleryOne and J GalleryOpsis ArtGallery IHN Gallery Skape and proceeded to Shanghai, China from 19 April to 22 June 2014 at OCAT-OCT Contemporary Art Terminal, Shanghai 

In Australia LANDSEASKY is presented in Brisbane and Sydney concurrently, in a unique partnership between MAAP and two higher education art institutions: Griffith University Art Gallery in Brisbane (1 October to 13 November 2014) and the National Art School Gallery in Sydney  (21 August–11 October 2014).

The Brisbane iteration of LANDSEASKY will feature in two galleries in two chapters as follows:


Chapter 1


Opening Event Wednesday 1 October 6.00–8.00pm at Griffith University Art Gallery
226 Grey Street, South Bank, Brisbane
Opened by Russell Storer, Curatorial Manager, Asian and Pacific Art, Queensland Art Gallery | Gallery of Modern Art

Griffith University Art Gallery from 1 October—18 October 2014

Artists Featured: Jan Dibbets, Wang Peng, Zhu Jia, Yeondoo Jung, Paul Bai, Shilpa Gupta, Wang Gongxin, Heimo Zobering

MAAP Space Gallery from 1 October—5 November 2014
Artist Featured:Yang Zhenzhong & Giovanni Ozzola

Chapter 2


Opening Event Wednesday 22 October 6.00–8.00pm at Griffith University Art Gallery
226 Grey Street, South Bank, Brisbane

Griffith University Art Gallery from 22 October—13 November 2014
Artists Featured: Jan Dibbets, Barbara Campbell, Kimsooja, Derek Kreckler,  Joao Vasco Paiva, Wang Peng, Zhu Jia

MAAP Space Gallery from 5 November — 28 November 2014
Artist Featured: Sim Cheol-Woong

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  LANDSEASKY : revisiting spatiality in video art Jan Dibbets (The Netherlands), Paul Bai (Australia), Lauren Brincat (Australia),  Barbara Campbell (Australia), Wang Gongxin (China), Shilpa Gupta (India), Yeondoo Jung (South Korea), Derek Kreckler (Australia), Giovanni Ozzola (Italy), Joao Vasco Paiva (Portugal/Hong Kong), Wang Peng (China), Kimsooja (South Korea), Craig Walsh (Australia), Sim Cheol Woong (South Korea), Heimo Zobernig (Austria), Yang Zhenzhong (Ch ... Read More