Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Since January this year, MAAP has been concentrating on it’s touring exhibition LANDSEASKY:revisiting spatiality in video art in venues across Korea, China and Australia

The exhibition launched in Seoul, Korea on 21 February 2014 across the following venues:Artsonje CenterLee Hwaik GalleryOne and J GalleryOpsis ArtGallery IHN Gallery Skape and proceeded to Shanghai, China from 19 April to 22 June 2014 at OCAT-OCT Contemporary Art Terminal, Shanghai 

In Australia LANDSEASKY is presented in Brisbane and Sydney concurrently, in a unique partnership between MAAP and two higher education art institutions: Griffith University Art Gallery in Brisbane (1 October – 15 November 2014) and the National Art School Gallery in Sydney  (21 August–11 October 2014).

Join us by appointment at MAAP SPACE where documentation of moving and still images from the touring exhibition so far is currently on show!

Venue: MAAP SPACE 111 Constance Street, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane.
RSVP: or 07 3108 8559

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

LANDSEASKY opening in Sydney 20th August

MAAP’s international touring exhibition LANDSEASKY has wrapped up in Korea and China and now heads to Australia to be shown in two chapters across two different locations in 2014:

Sydney from the 20th August to 11th October 2014 at the National Art Schoool &

Brisbane from the 1st October to 15th November 2014 at Griffith University Art Gallery

For more information visit the project page by clicking here

Featured Image by LANDSEASKY artist Jan Dibbets – Horizon (still) 1971
colour, no sound, Pal, 4:3 aspect ration, 2-channel video projection
Courtesy of the Stedelijk Museum and the artist


Wednesday, May 28, 2014

thingworld: International Triennial of New Media Art 2014

MAAP is proud to present with the National Art Museum of China (NAMOC) an ambitious media art exhibition titled: thingworld: The International Triennial of New Media Art.

MAAP is presenting five Australian artists with three major art installations for what has become one of the most expansive media art exhibitions of its kind. Boasting 58 major art works by 65 artists from 22 countries, the exhibition occupies 11 major gallery spaces in the museum. Artistic Director/curator Zhang Ga

Opening: June 10, 2014
Venue: National Art Museum of China No 1 Wusi Street Dongcheng District
On view from: June 11 to July 7, 2014

For more information on MAAP’s involvement & represented artists visit our project page by clicking here

For more information on thingworld visit their website by clicking here





Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Opening at MAAP SPACE

Join us for drinks at MAAP Friday 23 May 5:00pm – 7.30pm

Since January this year, MAAP has been concentrating on the presentation of it touring exhibition LANDSEASKY:revisiting spatiality in video art in venues across Seoul and Shanghai.

The exhibition opened in Seoul Korea in Artsonje Center and five commercial galleries that were located in short walking distance of each other. Gallery IHN, ONE AND J Gallery, Gallery Skape, Lee Hwaik Gallery and OPSIS ART. There were 58 press articles published, three television broadcast stories and one TV drama filmed in amongst the art works at Artsonje by KBS Television. LANDSEASKY was open from 22 February to 23 March.

The exhibition is currently on show in OCT-Contemporary Art Terminal, Shanghai in custom built exhibition spaces and as a result of the interest generated, has just been extended by another 2 weeks. LANDSEASKY in Shanghai was expanded with a new work by Chinese artist Zhu Jia and a recent work by Yang Zhenzhong. LANDSEASKY opened 20 April and continues in Shanghai until the new closing date of 29 June 2014.

The exhibition will open in Sydney in August and Brisbane in September 2014 and will return to China to be shown in Guangzhou in March 2015.

Come and join us at MAAP SPACE where documentation of moving and still images from the exhibition will be on show!

Date: Friday 23 May 2014
Time: 5pm – 7.30 pm
Venue: MAAP SPACE 111 Constance Street, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane.
RSVP: or 07 3108 8559


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

LANDSEASKY Symposium Shanghai 18th April 2014

“Revisiting Spatiality in Video Art” Symposium

On the occasion of the opening of LANDSEASKY exhibition at OCAT Shanghai, critical insights into contemporary video art and art theory will be discussed

SIVA – Shanghai Institute of Visual Culture, Fudan University;
OCAT, OCT Contemporary Art Terminal Shanghai; MAAP, Media Art Asia Pacific;

Time: 18 April 2014, from 1:30 pm to 5:30 pm

Venue: Room 402, Building 4, No 2200,Wen Xiang Road, Song Jiang District, Shanghai

Moderator: Hu Jieming, Vice Dean of SIVA

Professor Andrew McNamara: keynote speaker
– Modernism after postmodernism in the expla- nation of contemporary art
Kim Machan: Exhibition Curator – overview of curatorial rationale to ‘LANDSEASKY: revisiting spatiality in video art’ exhibition
Paul Bai: artist – Beyond the dialectics: a brief introduction of third spatial position in contemporary art practice
Barbara Campbell: artist – “Into Proximity” new spatial relations (an artistic research project Australia, Korea, China)
Dr Derek Kreckler: artist – The Zone Between
Giovanni Ozzola: artist – Light and video space


《海陆空-重访录像艺术的空间性》展在OCAT上海馆开幕之际,我们将针对当代录像艺术和理 论中的关键观点进行讨论

主办 : 上海视觉艺术学院 ; OCT 当代艺术中心上海馆 ; 亚太多媒体艺术节
举办 : 上海视觉艺术学院美术学院 /  OCT当代艺术中心上海  /  亚太媒体艺术
时间 : 2014 年 4 月 18 日下午 13:30  至 17:30
地点 : 上海松江区文翔路 2200 号 4 号楼 (逸飞楼) 402 室

安德鲁 · 麦克纳马拉教授 : 主讲人 –《后现代主义之后现代主义在当代艺术中的释义》
金曼 : 展览策展人 – 概述关于展览《海陆空:重访录像艺术的空间性》的策展理念 ;
白浦 : 艺术家 – 《辩证之外:简介当代艺术实践中‘第三空间定位’》
芭芭拉 · 坎贝尔 : 艺术家 – 《走近”新空间关系(中澳韩三国艺术研究项目)》
德里克 · 克雷克勒 : 艺术家 –《中间地带》
乔凡尼 · 欧佐拉:艺术家 – 《光线和录像空间》

For more information, click on the below invite or visit the LANDSEASKY Symposium  webpage by clicking here


Wednesday, April 2, 2014

LANDSEASKY in Shanghai extended till 22 June

The opening of ‘LANDSEASKY: revisiting spatiality in video art’ at OCT-Contemporary Art Terminal Shanghai is fast approaching. This video art /moving image exhibition is made up of an outstanding collection of Australian, Chinese and international artists exploring video in very unusual and spatially aware ways.

Shanghai chapter of the exhibition has been extended and will now be  on public display from 20 April to 29 June. On Friday 18 April a symposium was held at the Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts, Fudan University that offered thematically related presentations by academics and artists in the exhibition. The key note presentation was by Professor Andrew McNamara. The exhibition in Shanghai is supported by the Australia Council for the Arts, OCT-Contemporary Art Terminal Shanghai, Arts Queensland, and the Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts, Fudan University.

For further information on LANDSEASKY, please visit the project page by clicking here

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

LANDSEASKY in Seoul till 23 March


MAAP is proud to announce our latest internationally touring project for 2014

LANDSEASKY : revisiting spatiality in video art

A thematic exhibition of international video art and screen media installation

LANDSEASKY brings some of the most interesting and challenging video artworks from 20 international contemporary artists to 3 different countries in a major Asia-Australia tour. Meditating on the motif of the horizon in sublime and complex ways, the exhibition features sharp contemporary artists occupying and transgressing screen space. The exhibition tours to South Korea, China and Australia across multiple prestigious museums and galleries in 2014.

Opening in Seoul, Korea from 21 February to 23 March 2014
set across six host venues in the Samcheong Dong art district
Artsonje Center
One and J Gallery
Lee Hwaik Gallery
Opsis Art
Gallery Skape
Gallery IHN

For further information on LANDSEASKY, please visit the project page by clicking here


Wednesday, January 15, 2014

LANDSEASKY : revisiting spatiality in video art

MAAP is proud to announce the first configuration of it’s latest international touring exhibition ‘LANDSEASKY:revisiting spatiality in video’ presented in Seoul from the 21 February – 23 March 2014.

This  group of challenging video installations includes works by fifteen international artists and scheduled to be presented in Korea, China and Australia. The first exhibition of LANDSEASKY occurs across an array of venues in Seoul,  South Korea in partnership with Artsonje Center, Lee Hwaik Gallery, One & J Gallery, Opsis Art, Gallery IHN, and Gallery Skape.

Video installations by: Jan Dibbets, Kimsooja, Heimo Zobernig, Wang Gongxin, Barbara Campbell, Paul Bai, Joao Vasco Paiva, Lauren Brincat, Giovanni Ozzola, Shilpa Gupta, Craig Walsh, Yeondoo Jung, Sim Cheol-Woong, Derek Kreckler, Wang Peng. curated by Kim Machan.

For more information, please visit the project page by clicking here



Friday, December 20, 2013

surging into 2014


What a year for MAAP! 2013 is MAAP’s sixteenth year of exhibitions and programming since first incorporating in 1998. It is the eighth year of MAAP Media Bank AV lending service and the second full year of MAAP SPACE in Brisbane, Australia.

While much of the year was absorbed in the development of MAAP’s forthcoming international touring exhibition ‘LANDSEASKY: revisiting spatiality in video’, there were many other artistic programs and activities that the organisation generated and participated in.

The exhibition program at MAAP SPACE began with Wang Gongxin’s piece, ‘Basic Colour’. The 5 screen projection filled the main space and we had great feedback on the work. We were very happy to present a powerful exhibition by Shilpa Gupta partnering with Frankendael Foundation in Amsterdam to redevelop technical aspects of Gupta’s interactive work. It was a rewarding opportunity to bring Shilpa to Brisbane and have her here for the exhibition set up and public talk. Following closely, Yeondoo Jung’s exhibition, from Seoul, introduced audiences in Brisbane to his major video works.

The MAAP Media Bank enjoyed a boost through an injection of funds and borrowing has increased supporting more ARIs and emerging artists along with some surprisingly large institutions, including the Queensland Museum. MAAP hosted two formal mentorships, an internship, three artists’ residencies to develop new work, and supported artists more informally through consultation and technical support. As Director, I was proud to represent MAAP at several national and international events, symposia and industry summits and of course enjoyed connecting and reconnecting with talented peers. A symposium in honour of Professor John Clarke was a highlight and reminder of our ongoing engagement with Asia.

I’d like to thank the staff and volunteers that contributed so much to our program this year – a particularly well skilled and talented group! Sincere thanks goes to MAAP Research and Program Manager Madeleine King who, after contributing for just over five years, leaves us to pursue her own creative projects. While scrolling down, please reflect my thanks onto each artist, writer, sponsor, and contributing partner. Finally, I’d also like to recognise the MAAP Board who have steadily guided the organisation to see it achieve great heights this year – thank you.

MAAP is surging into 2014 with the major video installation touring exhibitition  ’LANDSEASKY’ opening 21st  February in Seoul at Artsonje Center, One and J Gallery, Gallery IHN, Lee Hwaik Gallery, Gallery Skape, and Opsis Art. Watch for details of the exhibition in Korea and China. (Kim Machan)

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Yeondoo Jung at MAAP SPACE

Yeondoo Jung, 'Documentary Nostalgia' (2007). Video still.

The first Australian solo-exhibition by leading South Korean artist, Yeondoo Jung, will be held at MAAP SPACE, 27 September - 8 November.

Please join us for the opening of Yeondoo Jung’s exhibition on Friday 27 September 2013 from 5pm – 8pm.

Yeondoo Jung makes elaborate artificial environments for video and photographs. Combining handmade theatrical sets with analogue special effects, the South Korean artist creates worlds that are richly detailed and slick but always a little imperfect. MAAP SPACE presents two spectacular video works, Documentary Nostalgia (2007) and Twilight Seoul (2012), in what is Yeondoo’s first Australian solo-exhibition. In these works, as with many of his projects, the artist plays with the shakiness of truth in both representation and recollection.

Exhibition continues until 8th November 2013.  Read more about the exhibition.