Lauren Brincat


This Time Tomorrow, Tempelhof, 2011 by Lauren Brincat
Documentation of an action
Single-channel digital video, colour,audio, 5’:19”
Image courtesy the artist and Anna Schwartz Gallery

LAUREN BRINCAT (Australia) b.1980 is an artist that works in a variety of media, including video documentation of ‘actions’, typically performed by the artist in solitude. Brincat’s practice is largely guided by the early performance art of the 1970s. For LANDSEASKY, perspective exaggerates a simple recorded action made for video in This Time Tomorrow, Tempelhof. The artist is seen walking into frame and following the airport runway at Berlin’s Tempelhof Airport until she reaches vanishing point. The specific site evokes the history of this runway famously during the second World War, the Berlin Airlift, the Cold War, and the now dormant space since the airport was closed in 2008.

Brincat’s work includes a variety of media, including video documentation of ‘actions’. Her practice is guided by early performance art of the 1970s. Brincat was awarded one of the Australia Council’s inaugural Creative Australia Fellowships for Young and Emerging Artists in 2012. Her work has been exhibited at Anna Schwartz Gallery, Contemporary Australia: Women at the Queensland Art Gallery/Gallery of Modern Art, Artspace Sydney, Sherman Galleries Sydney.