Giovanni Ozzola


‘Garage – sometimes you can see much more’, 2009-2011 by Giovanni Ozzola
Single channel video projection, audio
Variable dimension
Image courtesy the artist and GALLERIA CONTINUA, San Gimignano /Beijing /Le Moulin

GIOVANNI OZZOLA (Italy, born 1982) works primarily in video and installation. Central to Ozzola’s practice is the exploration of three-dimensional space and its relationship to light. In Ozzola’s work for LANDSEASKY, ‘Garage – sometimes you can see much more’ 2009-2011, the senses sharpen in the dark and are then overwhelmed by the strong light of a wider space. A tribute to Edward Hopper’s “Rooms by the Sea”, the rattling, mechanical movement of the rolling door shutter clashes with the opening of the horizon onto the sea. The shutter operates as a diaphragm between two dimensions. The video sequence of a roller door rising and falling dramatically alters the viewers’ perception of the room the work is installed within.

Ozzola has exhibited internationally including The Chelsea Art Museum, New York; Sharjah Maraya Art Centre, Dubai; Galleria Continua, San Gimignano/Beijing; Mori Museum, Tokyo; Elgiz Museum Istanbul Turkey; Fondazione Stelline, Milan Italy.