Collaborator Category: Artists

Derek Kreckler (b. 1952, Australia) works in performance, video, sound and photography. His work is concerned with the present-time re-imagining of historical events. Kreckler has been exhibiting since 1977 working across performance, video, sound and photography, examining the transformation of modes of histor ... Read More

Yeondoo Jung (b. 1969, Korea) is well known for his constructed photographs and videos that interpret and represent the recollections of others. His still and moving images capture elaborate hand-made sets that reconstruct memories of subjects, events and scenery in real-time. Exhibitions include: National M ... Read More

Barbara Campbell (b. 1961 Australia) works between multiple concepts of spatiality­—mediated, architectural and geographic—to create singular experiences for the viewer/participant. Campbell has performed in Australia, Europe and the USA, in museums, galleries, public buildings, photographs, on film, video ... Read More

LAUREN BRINCAT (Australia) b.1980  is an artist that works in a variety of media, including video documentation of ‘actions’, typically performed by the artist in solitude. Brincat’s practice is largely guided by the early performance art of the 1970s. Brincat was awarded one of the Australia Cou ... Read More

JAN DIBBETS (The Netherlands, b. 1941) began as a painter and pioneered the use of photography as a conceptual art form and also film. He has shown numerous important exhibitions over the decades since the 70’s including in the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum; Tate Liverpool, UK; Witte de With, Rotterdam Kölni ... Read More ... Read More

Olive Leung Ching Man is a Hong Kong-based artist ... Read More