Barbara Campbell


close, close, 2014 by BARBARA CAMPBELL
Single channel responsive video projection, 5:00
Camera and edit, Gary Warner
Responsive programming, John Tonkin
Image courtesy the artist

Barbara Campbell (b. 1961 Australia) works between multiple concepts of spatiality­—mediated, architectural and geographic—to create singular experiences for the viewer/participant. Campbell has performed in Australia, Europe and the USA, in museums, galleries, public buildings, photographs, on film, video, radio, and the internet, in silence and with words, still and moving, since 1982. She has worked with the specific physical and contextual properties of a given site, be it art gallery, museum, atrium, tower, radio airwaves or on the World Wide Web, in developing and presenting her works. She completed a Master of Visual Arts Sydney College of the Arts, The University of Sydney in 1998.

Campbell’s work will be featured in MAAP’s 2014 international touring exhibition LANDSEASKY.