2013 Sponsored Projects

A River Without Banks: Expanded Drawing at The Hold Artspace

02/12/13 to 16/12/13

Tom Brooks, Chrstopher Handran, Charlie Hillhouse, Luke Kidd, Carly Scoufos, Tachika Yokota

The drawn line can be seen as a tool for both connection and division; it can link disparate concepts, locations and narratives in complex webs or create boundaries between them. The line acts as a record of our existence within a specific time and place, inscribing our gestures with a sense of immediacy and intimacy.

A River Without Banks is a contemporary drawing exhibition. It will focus on the philosophical and conceptual possibilities of the medium, and will use new media, interactive works and installation to challenge and extend how drawing can be considered.


the hold artspace_a river without borders_2013   the hold artspace_a river without borders_2013   the hold artspace_a river without borders_2013____________________________________________________________

Immediacy at Fleet Lane

08/12/13 to 08/12/13

Chris Bennie, Leena Reithmuller, Clark Beaumont, Liam O’Brien, Sarah Oxenham, Sarah Byrne, Matt Dabrowski, Angelica Roache-Wilson, Carly Scoufos

Qld College of Art, Griffith University produced this one-night street party event featuring video artworks by nine Brisbane artists. The immediate expressions of these nine local artists explore a politics of social and aesthetic disruption. The artworks were shown as large-scale projections onto building facades in Fleet Lane, South Brisbane. A licensed bar with music and dance floor was provided in the warehouse venue, Through The Looking Glass.

Curated by Beth Jackson and Jay Younger


immediacy_fleet lane 2013


Geomorphic at Milani Gallery

14/11/13 to 30/11/13

Helga Groves

Solo exhibition of new work


helga groves_geomorphic_milani 2013   helga groves_geomorphic_milani 2013   helga groves_geomorphic_milani 2013____________________________________________________________

Glaze at Boxcopy

19/10/13 to 16/11/13

Liam O’Brien

Glaze presents new video work developed as part of Boxcopy’s Emerging artist program, by Brisbane-based artist, Liam O’Brien. The main area of O’Brien’s inquiry focuses on ideas of personal freedom, of which the construction of individuality is integral. Through the processes of individuation one is forced to determine what is meaningful to oneself and, therefore, what is worth investing time, energy and finances into pursuing. An interest in the self-determination of meaning forms the framework for this exhibition. Glaze invites the audience to consider the extent to which the work has been constructed with an intended message or is merely a vacuous engagement with surface, open to their interpretation.


liam obrien_glaze_boxcopy   liam obrien_glaze_boxcopy   liam obrien_glaze_boxcopy____________________________________________________________

The Hold Artspace at Hamilton Northshore Containerval Festival

08/11/13 to 10/11/13

Chris Bennie, Bridie Gillman, Eric Rossi, Kylie Spear, David Creed & David Spooner, Sancintya Simpson, Athena Thebus

An exhibition of video works from Brisbane-based artists projected inside a shipping container. The project rational draws from the conceptual implication of the shipping container as an object of travel, regularly shipped between places and sites. These objects evoke concepts of displacement and the ‘in-between’, acting as meditative spaces to communicate experiences and contemplate travel. The works address notions of travel, location, place and identity as a response to issues raised by globalisation like it’s effects on identity, diaspora, cultural narratives, desire and the movement of people.



Illegal at 131 Alfred St, Fortitude Valley

01/11/13 to 01/11/13

Llewellyn Millhouse, Danny Wild, Jared Worthington, Athena Thebus, Maxxim, Christopher Cipollone, Kiah Reading, Josh Watson, Eric Rossi

This project is a one night event exploring underground electronic music from Singapore and Australia. Video Art has been curated to investigate the chance meetings that can take place between sound and visuals.


For Want of a Better Word at The Hold Artspace

25/10/13 to 02/11/13

David Chatfield, Emma Leslie, Felix Merry, Sarah Oxenham

The work of these four artists seeks to deconstruct traditional photography down to its base elements of light, surface, image and object. The various methodologies of theses four artists explore and re-construct these elements through installation, video, sculpture and wall based artwork. The works on display will challenge traditional notions of photography and reconsider its relevance in our everyday life.


For want of a better word_the hold artspace      For want of a better word_the hold artspace   For want of a better word_the hold artspace____________________________________________________________

#6 – Stillness and Motion: The body as site of transformation at Addition Gallery

24/10/13 to 31/10/13

Part I – Nat Koyama, Lucas Davidson

Part II – Ali Jana Bezer, Kat Danger Sawyer, Vanessa Stanley, Peter Kuttner

Koyama and Davidson employ the tension between still and moving imagery to examine the body as a site of transformation. Their work addresses the transitory and transformative nature of the self, identity and the body, highlighting change and flux as an inherent part of the human condition.

Bezer, Sawyer, Stanley and Kuttner each take on the role of visual scientist, investigating how art can depict otherwise unseen or indescribable phenomena visually. Points of inquiry and hypotheses are tested to develop resolved works that comment upon varying states of change.


addition 6_koyama


Finitude (V3) at Screenspace

04/10/13 to 27/10/13


An interactive installation with embodied interface, digital projection, multi-touch sensitive screen surfaces, interactive 3D gaming software, motorised dioramas, 4 channel spatial sound & new furniture forms – investigating the cultural dimensions of sustainability through the lens of ‘time’.


Finitutde_screenspace+keith armstrong   Finitutde_screenspace+keith armstrong   Finitutde_screenspace+keith armstrong____________________________________________________________

Move at The Hold Artspace

04/10/13 to 19/10/13

Chris Bennie

Move is Chris’s first solo exhibition in Brisbane since completing a Doctorate of Visual Art in 2009. The show is a culmination of several works that explore movement, time, dislocation and the transformation of objects no longer considered useful. The exhibition is split across two venues – The Hold Artspace and Davies Park. The Hold hosts a suite of videos that use a caravan motif to examine darkness with grace, and the Reparation Room – an installation of photographs and documents detailing the artists recent relationship with Bundaberg. Directly across the road, Davies Park will host The Kissing Swans, a 22-foot sculpture made from a flooded caravan.


Chris bennie_move_the hold artspace   Chris bennie_move_the hold artspace   Chris bennie_move_the hold artspace____________________________________________________________

Exist ARI at Audio Pollen, Upstairs 199

06/10/13 to 06/10/13

Barbara Rosenthal, Leif Gifford

Live Performances “I’m Growing Up” and “Existential Interact with Identity Theft Masks and Provocation Cards” by Barbara Rosenthal and expanded cinema by Leif Gifford.


Existence_audio pollen_barbara Rosenthal   Existence_audio pollen_barbara Rosenthal   Existence_audio pollen_barbara Rosenthal____________________________________________________________

Culture Gathering 2013 at Qld Multicultural Centre

06/09/13 to 12/09/13

Ramon Martinez Mendoza, Appiah Annan, Victoria Chiu, Candy Bowers, Dr Nicholas Ng, boy Dewi Tyas Tunggal, Kristine Landon-Smith, Liz Lea, Zsuzsi Soboslay, Panagiotis Couros (Panos), Ben Graetz, Margie Fischer, Kartina Lazaroff, Selena de Carvalho, Gregory Leong, Maitland Scnhaars, Joe Lui, Chi Vu, Annalouise Paul

The Kultour Gathering 2013 provides artists and artsworkers from across Australia and across all art form areas with a unique opportunity to test concepts and explore new and innovative artistic frameworks where diversity of art form and culture inform the process and creative outcomes.


culture gathering 2013_ld multicultural centre_tony yap


Light on the Fringe at Umbrella Studio

05/06/13 to 09/09/13

Light on the Fringe saw collaboration between New Media artist Robert Cripse and a group of local Townsville artists including project development to produce a series of outdoor light installations projected onto the exterior wall of Umbrella Studio. The event, which coincided with the biennial Strand Ephemera public art festival, gave viewers an insight into the world of light installations and projection mapping. Monumental, vibrant and playful describes the final compositions. The event was an effective platform for artists to explore the relationship between art making, technology and each other, whilst proving that genuine communication takes many forms.


umbrella studio_light fringe_2013


you & I: thoughts on intimacy at The Hold Artspace

15/08/13 to 31/08/13

Rachael Archibald, Anna Carluccio, Courtney Coombs, David Creed & David Spooner, Pirrin Francis, Caitlin Franzmann, Callum Galletly, Tor Maclean, Leena Riethmuller

you & I is an exhibition of nine emerging artists which examines ideas of intimacy and shared experience. With works from individuals and collaborative pairs, relationships between lovers and strangers, individuals and objects, the body and memory will be considered. Through interactive and new media, as well as drawing, painting and installation, moments of awkwardness, narcissism, desire, humour and disgust are revealed.


you and I_the hold_2013   you and I_the hold_2013   you and I_the hold_2013____________________________________________________________

PLATFORM 2013 at Metro Arts Gallery

15/08/13 to 31/08/15

Judith Wright, Carl Warner, Shayle Flesser, Jumaadi, Maio Xiochun

Platform 2013 is an ongoing collaboration between Jan Manton Art and Metro Arts as part of its annual Exhibition Program.

The highlight of the show will be video works by Chinese artist Miao Xiaochun, Restart and Disillusion, which were most recently presented at the 54th International Art Exhibition of the Venice Biennale in 2011. Xiaochun is considered to be one of the most influential artists practicing new media in China.


metro arts platform 2013   metro arts platform 2013____________________________________________________________

Down the Rabbit Hole at Queensland College of Art Galleries

08/08/13 to 31/08/13

Olivia Bradley, Adis Fejzić, Dale Harding, Kay Lawrence, Carol McGregor, Julie-Anne Milinski, Michelle Roberts, Eric Rossi, Brian Sanstrom, Glen Skien, Lynden Stone, Glen Bowman, Ellie Coleman, Dan Elborne, Chris Kelly, Linda Clark, Grace Dewar, Amber Kilkenny, AJ Gogas, Kathy Appleby, Jason Castro, Tarn Maclean

This research project exhibition showcases the works of emerging artists from the University Southern Queensland and Queensland College of Art, Griffith University who explore the use of visual narratives as a form of critical inquiry into contemporary local, national and international debates. Each artist tells their own story by visually navigating the viewer through metaphorical, symbolic or mythical realms. These visual stories blur boundaries between fact and fiction, luring the viewer down the rabbit hole


kay lawrence_down the rabbit hole_ca


BEAF at Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts

27/07/13 to 03/08/13

Alrey Batol, Courtney Coombs, Christopher Handran, Rachael Haynes, Luke Jaaniste, Sarah Oxenham, Thomas Payne, Sancintya Simpson, Tyza Stewart, Athena Thebus


beaf 2013_judith wright   beaf 2013_judith wright   beaf 2013_judith wright____________________________________________________________

Road Trip at The LockUp Cultural Centre

05/07/13 to 21/07/13

Sean Barrett, Elisa Jane Carmichael, Simon Degroot, Andy Harwood, Genine Marie Larin, Dan McCabe, Judy Ann Moule, Leena Riethmuller, Camille Serisier, Karl Shoobridge, Tyza Stewart, Jake Sun

The Road Trip project tours an exhibition of Brisbane-based emerging artists to new state or territory around Australia. The purpose of the tour is to promote and present contemporary emerging art practice being developed in Brisbane and to engage new audiences nationally. The exhibition is supported by Vegas Spray ARI.


vega scary roadtrip_the lock up


Synapse at Sydney Powerhouse

08/06/13 to 14/07/13

Lawrence English, Keith Armstrong

Version 1 (Night Rage) for ISEA 2013 examined the many shades of ‘nocturnal’, threats to night biodiversity and the myriad myths and stories that have shaped our cultural understandings of life after light. Barely recognisable images float within landscapes of media, noise and sound as the work asserts a profound resistance to today’s all consuming media mesh.



night rage_synapse_sydney powerhouse_lawrence english keith armstrong  night rage_synapse_sydney powerhouse_lawrence english keith armstrong   night rage_synapse_sydney powerhouse_lawrence english keith armstrong____________________________________________________________

eARTh at Colourise Festival

08/07/13 to 11/07/13

Teila Waston, Luke Peacock, Duncan King-Smith, Tamara Whyte, Christine Peacock, Karen Batten, Andrew Hill, Phyllis Harrison, Janny Pacock, Jenny Fraser, Leah King-Smith, Archie Moore, Mary Graham, John Graham, Dawn Daylight, Sue Beetson, Fiona Foley

Held in the NAIDOC Indigenous gathering season, 8-11 JULY, this year
Colourise entertains with local Indigenous live-media-art and screen culture
on the streets of Brisbane on Turrbal, in a cross unceded country event.
Talking the walk through the city, Indigenous creactives and event participants
intersect contemporary sites of significance on the Brisbane city landscape.


earth_colourise festival_naidoc   105  earth_colourise festival_naidoc____________________________________________________________

4zzz Happy Fest at Winn Lane

06/07/13 to 07/07/13

Ben Butcher, Andi Halfpapp, Jake Sun, Jess Quin, Dominic Reidy, Angelica Roach Wilson, Yannick Blattner, Matt Wyth Done, Kiah Reading, Jared Worthington, Synching Boat, Grace Perkins, Anna Carluccio, Katie Martin, Green Nose, Mysteries, Footy, Barbituates, Happy Times, Raw Prawn, Forces, Samedi Sound System, Multiple Man.

The event includes some of Australia’s best-kept musical secrets coming to Brisbane for the first time on July 6 for an afternoon in Winn Lane celebrating laneway culture, and a special evening event at long running Brisbane institution, The Zoo.

Happy-Fest also features talented local visual artists, whose work is projected onto the venues’ walls. Witchmeat ARI is presenting video works by Andi Halfpapp



Exist-ence 5 International Festival at QCA Project Gallery

28/06/13 to 30/06/13

Holly Childs, Jamie Lewis, Robert Millett Hubris, Sari T.M. Kivinen, Jade Boyd, Eric Rossi, Julie Vulcan, Karike Ashworth and Anja Homburg, Alrey Batol, Jule Vincent Winter Has, Velvet Pesu, Robert Millett Hubris, Anna Carluccio, Dracopede (Nathaniel Pyewacket), John G Boehme, Eloise Maree, Bonnie Hart, Bridie Gillman, Kawruh Liyan, Dhana Merritt, Labanna Babalon, Robert Millett Hubris, James Cunningham, Henrik Hedinge

International Dutch artist Jade Boyd’s performance/installation VHxorciSm was part of the festival ‘existence 5’, which is a set of explorations, collaborations, installations, performances, residencies, and symposiums held at three sites across Australia with artists from three generations and three continents. ‘exist-ence’ is dedicated to the presentation of live art, performance art and action art.


exist-ence5_alrey batol_aggregates_qca project gallery


Unseen at Woolloongabba Art Gallery

28/05/13 to 08/05/13

Kay Stuart, Deb Nicholls, Wendy Brown, Scott Avery, Cherie Scalia, Susanne Schroder, Karen Rooth, Jenette Lea

A group exhibition by artist-run initiative ‘The Line Up’



Nightfall Recollections at InHouse ARI

08/06/13 to 08/06/13

Pirrin Francis

Solo exhibition accompanied by a written critique by Andi Halfpapp.


pirrin franci_nightfal recollections_inhouse ari


There is something Dancing in the Driveway at Metro Arts Carriageway

07/06/13 to 07/06/13

Leif Gifford, Melanie Jade Simpson

A multi faceted ultra installation involving projection, light sculpture, sound and interactive displays. A glimpse; A movement in the distance; A flash of light; Uncertainty; What did you see? What did you hear? What did you dance to? Curated by Nicola Morton and exist-ence ARI for Friday Night at Metro Arts.



Palaces at The Block – QUT

10/05/13 to 13/05/13

Anita Holtsclaw

Palaces is a multi-channel screen-based installation that explores the part that landscape and narration play in cinematic constructions of gendered identity. The exhibition examines the ways in which our experience as a viewer of cinematic imagery can be both constructed and expanded within a gallery context.


Palaces_the block qut_anita holtsclaw


Crude Tools, Feeble Actions at Metro Arts Gallery

24/04/13 to 11/05/13

Anastasia Booth

Crude Tools, Feeble Actions brings together new works by Brisbane based artist Anastasia Booth. The exhibition is a look into the home-made BDSM objects and sites; finding the lapses that occur between the fanciful, highly erotic and the DIY aesthetic.

On the re-imaging of female desire, Booth’s art practice is embedded in female sexuality, and uses sexual fetish as an instrumental strategy to produce work that questions the nature of sensuality

Crude Tools, Feeble Actions expands on Booth’s interest in drawing associations between art history and erotica – how notions of materiality, marginality, and ritual can be linked to both sexual fetish and contemporary art practice. Working across installation, sculpture, video, performance and sound, Booth aims to examine and make tangible the paradoxes that encompass erotica and creating art, and the potential for sensuality to fall short.


Anastasia booth_metro arts_crude tools feeble actions   Anastasia booth_metro arts_crude tools feeble actions   Anastasia booth_metro arts_crude tools feeble actions____________________________________________________________

Cold Metal at Metro Arts Carriageway

03/05/13 to 03/05/13

Stasis Duo, Alrey Batol

Inspired by the theatre of black metal, this show requires the punter to suspend disbelief in order to participate. From the outside, it could look like nothing – but in order to really open yourself to the meaning, you suspend judgement – and through that action, you enable your participation, your active presence in the ‘Cold Metal’ theatre. Curated by Nicola Morton (Exist ARI) and presented as part of Metro Arts Friday Night program.


cold metal_stasis duo alley batol_metro arts_exist



22/03/13 to 26/04/13

Wang Gongxin

In this exhibition two related works are presented – Basic Colour, 2010 and Tonight Maybe Have Wind, 2006. Both works employ a form of landscape and explore an extraordinary aesthetic experience of time within the medium of video. Natural phenomena like wind, rain, and falling snow or dust are appropriated catalysts driving change within the works. Time, as a crucial attribute of the video medium, is expressed and experienced with two quite distinct approaches. In Tonight Maybe Have Wind, we see a manipulation of time through editing that stimulates thoughts about linear time, natural time, electronic time, and our perceptions of it. The image moves one hundred times slower than normal for ten seconds and is then sped up two hundred times faster for one second.

Basic Colour 2010, is a five channel video installation projected onto a continuous wall. The five projections are orientated vertically; within each vignette, a tightly framed section of the body is apprehended and set against a neutral flat empty space. The undulating curves and creases of the body imply a landscape that is abstracted further by the gradual sprinkling of coloured pigments of black, blue, red, yellow and white. The slow accumulation of coloured pigment on each image is a kind of performance-based painting that is both suspended and propelled through the treatment of time and the looping of the video.


Wang Gongxin, 'Basic Colour' (2010)


Waterbirds at InHouse ARI

20/04/13 to 20/04/13

Alrey Batol

Solo exhibition accompanied by a written critique by Katherine Dionysius.


Alrey batol_waterbirds_inhouse 2013   Alrey batol_waterbirds_inhouse 2013   Alrey batol_waterbirds_inhouse 2013____________________________________________________________

Lost Movements V at Coniston Lane

07/04/13 to 07/04/13

Beau Deeley, Graffiti Technica, Vidhi Shah

One nigh event featuring live visual art, performers and bands


lost movements v_the foundry_2013


It’s all gone Shane Warne: 708 wickets in one hour at InHouse ARI

06/04/13 to 06/04/13

Yannick Blattner

The exhibition comical navigates notions of the hegemonic male and its placement within Australian culture and sport and is accompanied by a written critique by Lisa Bryan-Brown.


Yannick Blattner_in house ari_shane warne


Untitled (Toponymic Interventions #2) at Level ARI and Kick Off Contemporary Video Art Program

08/03/13 to 10/03/13 and 01/03/13 to 31/03/13

Megan Cope, Adric Watson

Toponomy and place names are an important aspect of culture and identity as they provide a location where history, events, landscapes and people remembered, celebrated and most importantly continued. Toponyms are always indicative of the dominant culture. These works seek to challenge construct of time, place and social fabric that was formulated with the arrival of European settlers. The result manifests in a dual history and quest to decolonise our surrounding environments.



Megan Cope_toponymic interventions_gold coast stadium  Megan Cope_toponymic interventions_gold coast stadium  Megan Cope_toponymic interventions_gold coast stadium____________________________________________________________

Aurelian at Metro Arts

29/03/13 to 30/03/15

Genevieve Trace

A young woman stands in front of a crowd to speak her memories, her truth and her construction. Reality gives way to memory and memory gives way to imagination. Constructing the set around her in real-time, the performer acts as a conduit of multiple stories as reality, memory and imaginings play out in a filmic and sonic landscape. Based on the stories of lost loved ones collected in interviews with residents of her home town of Ayr, North Queensland, director Genevieve Trace explores the psychological construction of a life through the stories of what has passed. Audiences will be left questioning the reality and imaginings of the memories of those they hold most dear….

Aurelian_Genevieve Trace_Metro Arts   Aurelian_Genevieve Trace_Metro Arts   Aurelian_Genevieve Trace_Metro Arts


Tension 17 at Metro Arts Gallery

27/02/13 to 16/03/13

Timothy Kendall Edser

Tension 17 uses the gallery space as a site to physically explore ideas around the formation of masculine identity, with Edser testing the limits of his body and leaving us to contemplate the remnants and traces of these explorations. Edser’s Tension series centres on the physicality of the body and the potential for this to punctuate the frameworks of a gallery space.


tension17_timothy kendall edser_metro arts gallery   tension17_timothy kendall edser_metro arts gallery   tension17_timothy kendall edser_metro arts gallery____________________________________________________________

Made Up Dreams at Boxcopy

16/02/13 to 09/03/13

Threefold (Hayley Brandon, Pirrin Francis, Melissa Ryke)

Threefold uses the Boxcopy Summer Residency as an opportunity to playfully investigate the intersubjective space of collaboration, specifically, the potential disruptions, intersections and conversations that occur across the three practices. Through a set of strategies designed to get to know each other better, the project attempts to disrupt the personal, professional and artistic boundaries that separate the three artists. Through a series of multimedia, personal narratives the exhibition creates a pluralistic space to reflect on ideas of proximity, distance and the successes and failures of communication in personal and professional relationships.


Made up dreams_boxcopy_threefold   Made up dreams_boxcopy_threefold   Made up dreams_boxcopy_threefold____________________________________________________________
One & Other at InHouse ARI

09/03/13 to 09/03/13

Solo exhibition accompanied by a written critique by Tara Heffernan.


Jake sun_one and other_inhouse ari


The Longest Wave Installation at Bleach* Festival

22/02/13 to 01/03/13

Beastman, Shelli Bankier, Salvador Cantellano, Nicholas Chalmers, Jae Copp, Narani Henson, Mari Hirata, Claudio Kirac, Nick Lawernce, Tristan Schultz, Trent Grambeau, Peter Joli Wilson, Mick Richards, Michael Aird

A pop-up exhibition featuring ocean photography, evocative painting, surreal video and immersive installations responding to the epic story of The Longest Wave.



Another Time at Pestorious Sweeney House

26/01/13 to 23/02/13

Dave Hullfish Bailey, Liam Gillick, Anne Wallace, Heimo Zobernig

In the early 1980s it was not uncommon for performances by Brisbane’s post-punk groups to be accompanied by elaborate conceptually themed environments. Another Time is structured around one such event. Held at the Baroona Hall on July 4, 1980, “The Sincerity Ball” featured several groups, including Zero, The Go-Betweens and the Four Gods (the so-called ‘Brisbane Sound’), and a visual polemic that took its cue from the black and white check motif deployed by the 2-Tone label groups (The Specials, Madness, etc.) as code for the racial diversity and musical hybridity that so defined this highly politicised milieu.
Another Time has been realised in close co-operation with Gary Warner and Ross Harley.


david pestorious_another time_sweeny house


In 2013 MAAP Media Bank sponsored 282 projects