2012 Sponsored Projects

Better Than Real at The Arts Centre – Gold Coast

27/10/12 to 09/12/12

Morgan Bell, Phoebe Cook, Ursula Cooper, Kerensa Davis, John Forno, Alexander Iordanou, Sarah Kelly, Shane Lubich, Stanislav Pacavra, Lisa Di Bartolo, Yolandra Grace, Raynor Kirkbride, Larissa Lategan

Consultation with Ursula cooper regarding QCA Gold Coast graduate exhibition


better than real_QCA gold coast art_2012   better than real_QCA gold coast art_2012____________________________________________________________

Siege Mentality at Otherfilm Festival – HMAS Diamantina

27/11/12 to 27/11/12

Sally Golding, Jade Boyd, Danny Wild, Audrey Lam and Caitlin Franzmann, Sarah Byrne, Jason Fitzgerald, Bonnie Hart, Kiah Reading, Ben Hayes, Horse Macgyver, Vijay Thillaimuthu, Botborg, Leif Gifford, Patrick King, Alrey Batol

How does the very identity of the human mind rely on external mechanical supplements? How does it incorporate machines?—Slavoj Žižek

The HMAS Diamantina is many things. As a war machine, she defended Australia in the Pacific theatre during the Second World War. As a sovereignty machine, a free-floating particle of Australian state power, she was the stage on which the Japanese surrender of Nauru was formally consummated. As a mapping machine, she surveyed the deepest trenches of the Indian Ocean. Now, she is a history machine, part of the Queensland Maritime Museum, a specimen permanently stored in a custom-built stone cocoon off an inner-city bend of the Brisbane River.

The Diamantina echoes with elsewheres and elsewhens. Simultaneously capacious and claustrophobic, familiar yet uncanny, she militates against the anchoring of any one explanation, opening up possibilities for new ways of sensing the world. What does it mean to be a dry-docked, floating signifier? OtherFilm invited a raft of artists to stage works on board the Diamantina—responding to the array of spaces she harbours—to help us find out.


jade boyd_otherfilm_diamantina_2012   jade boyd_otherfilm_diamantina_2012____________________________________________________________

#21 Australia-France at Metro Arts Basement

18/11/12 to 18/11/12

Botborg, Leif Arwen Gifford, Onnie Art, Leena Riethmuller, Velvet Pesu, Jamie Hume and Ben H, Makeshift Dance Collective, Unique Oil Free Air, Marisa Allen, 459, Michaela Davies & Sam Pettigrew, Deanne Butterworth & Michael Munson, TR Carter & Arie Rain Glorie, Hannah Raisin, Scratch Ensemble, Dimanche Rouge, Ismael Ogando, Ane Lan, Le Dansoir Karine Saporta

Dominate Rouge ARI, Paris presents their monthly experimental performance festival in collaboration with Exist ARI (Brisbane), Tape Projects (Melbourne) and Alaska Projects (Sydney) in the form of an hour of experimental performance live streamed to and from each venue.


dimanche rouge 21-australia france_metro arts


THT: It’s Dynamite at Boxcopy

27/10/12 to 17/11/12

The Holy Trinity (Alicia King, Mish Meijers, Tricky Walsh)

THT explores experiential installation that engages cross-media to construct an interconnected circularity of disparate components exploring parallel worlds, bodily metamorphosis and ritual within hallucinatronic-fetishistic escapisms. Concentrating conceptual thematics around queer sexuality, popular culture, social development, and belief systems, THT configures specific and disordered participatory scenarios exploiting psychic manifestations of naive faith.


The Holy Trinity_Boxcopy_THT_2012_its dynamite____________________________________________________________

Narrative Arc at Griffith university Art Gallery

20/09/12 to 10/11/12

Chris Bennie, Carter, Ann Lislegaard, Benoît Maire, Deimantas Narkevičius

An exhibition of film and video works that explore the notion of artistic homage through documentation, interview and through poetic experiments made for the screen, touching on issues of trust and permission, naturalness and performance, mortality and ephemerality.



Points on a Line at Pestorious Sweeney House

03/11/12 to 03/11/12

Sarah Morris

Points on a Line, 2010, directed by artist Sarah Morris (*1967) documents a shared desire to build structures that might change the way we think about a house, a form and a context. The Farnsworth House, Plano, Illinois and the Glass House, New Canaan, Connecticut. The two buildings demonstrate a legacy of focus upon details and surface – inside and outside. Capturing the tension of ego and authorship in precisely deferring architectural statements. By carefully documenting the daily maintenance of these two buildings and lingering over the precise placement of the structures in space and of objects within each structure, we are presented with a clear view of places that have gone beyond their initial use and become the intersection of a dialogue that was both personal and professional. Ultimately, Points on a Line is a record of preservation of two structures and a document of power plays that left a mark in the pragmatic idealism of the late modern period.


Sarah morris_Points on a Line_david pestorious sweeney house


Unbound: Emerging Artist Program at Kings Artist Run

18/10/12 to 29/10/12

Megan Cope

In October 2012 Megan Cope used MAAP equipment to develop new work following an intensive week of workshopping ideas at Kings Artist-Run in September 2012. With a set production budget, the artist worked at Level ARI studio on a series of video works using footage recorded at culturally significant locations around Melbourne. Cope projected each indigenous place name onto the relevant geographical space to challenge the accepted toponymic names representative of the dominant culture. The result manifests in a dual history and quest to decolonise our surrounding environments. These works formed part of the 2013 Unbound exhibition.


Megan Cope_toponymic interventions_gold coast stadium


across the sea at BUS Projects

09/10/12 to 29/10/12

Anita Holtsclaw

across the sea is a multi-channel screen-based installation that explores the part that the landscape and narration play in cinematic constructions of gendered identity. The work is informed by new wave cinema, feminist film theory and emergent ideas of a female gaze. across the sea considers both the role of the artist, as well as the auteur in cinema, to question how the outcomes differ when a female rather than a male gaze is writing, directing and filming the imagery. The screen-based installation of across the sea seeks to further examine the ways in which our experience as a viewer of cinematic imagery can be both constructed and expanded within a gallery context. across the sea investigates the spaces that exist between the gallery and the cinema, in an effort to consider notions of femininity that exist between and throughout the varied spaces of film and art.

MAAP consulted with Holtsclaw during the project development stage


across the sea_anita holtclaw_bus projects 2012


Restrung: Strings Unbound at Brisbane Powerhouse

26/10/12 to 28/10/12

Nathen Street

Restrung is a celebration of genre-bending strings driven music bridging the borders between rock, folk, world music, jazz, contemporary classical and electronic. The project de-constructs the archetype of a string instrument by creating a sound sculpture that invites participants to make adjustments to a sonic state.

restring brisabne powerhouse_nathan street


Forth Weekend in October #459 Album Launch at Real Bad Music

27/10/12 to 27/10/12

Merle Beauregard

Consultation with artist regarding “Magic Mile” LP and film clip launch



She’ll be right at Boxcopy

06/10/12 to 20/10/12

Clark Beaumont (Sarah Clark & Nicole Beaumont)

Drawing from screen-based culture Clark Beaumont examines notions of identity, female subjectivity, intimacy and interpersonal relationships. Presented as a series of video interventions, She’ll Be Right explores these interests through re-enactment and repetition, reflecting upon the portrayal of personal and shared experience. Using the distinctive vernacular found in iconic Australian films She’ll Be Right exploits the cinematic depiction of everyday life.  Employing the stereotypes of ‘aussie battler’ and ‘under dog’, Clark Beaumont consider the fluctuating states of existence, focusing particularly on doubt, confidence, failure and triumph.


clark-beaumont-front_shell be right_boxcopy


Red Fives at Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts Shopfront

09/10/12 to 09/10/12

The Scrapes and Ketpis (Michael Candy, James Kellogg Knight and Richard Candy), Zoe Mary and Matt Lockwood, Mi_ke and James Miller, Ryan Fraser

Small Lakes was invited to curate the opening night celebrations of BARI Festival. The night included a sound-responsive light installation and a light and motion-responsive sound installation, as well as other projection and sculptural works.


bari 2012_judith wright_small lake_red fives   bari 2012_judith wright_small lake_red fives   bari 2012_judith wright_small lake_red fives

The Word Conterminous 3 at Bleeding Heart Gallery

06/10/12 to 06/10/12

Bhats, Charlie Donaldson, Mitchell Donaldson, Angela Hughes, Marta Larzabal, Holly Leonardson, Emma Lindsay, Nadege Philippe-Janon, Amanda Wolf, Jess Quinn, Jude Roberts, Kate Simpson, Sancintya Simpson, Tyza Stewart, Bec Todd, Jarrod Van Der Ryken, Maddy Young

The Word Conterminous was initiated via an open callout to artists from a variety of fields. It was created to provide an opportunity to collaborate and generate ideas based around an eclectic series of random words. The generated nouns are drawn out of a proverbial hat and arranged into combinations of two. Each combination is designated to two separate artists to interpret as they see fit. The artworks are displayed alongside one another sharing a common theme, and a common boundary.


Fishtown at QCA Project Gallery

28/09/12 to 28/09/12

Chris Denaro, Merri Randell

Exhibition of recent works resulting from a residency undertaken by the artists at Crane Arts in Philadelphia (USA).


chris denaro_merri randell_fishtown_QCA project gallery


Zhang Peili at MAAP SPACE

04/0812 to 15/09/12

Zhang Peili


Zhang Peili, 'Q+A+Q' (2012)


Chatter at Metro Arts Gallery

08/08/12 to 25/08/12

Hayley Brandon

Through aural, visual and written language, Chatter explores how quotidian experiences and materials can potentially be recontextualised and reframed as visual art. It considers how every day – our conversations, relationships and incidental occurrences – may provide a space through which to explore the shifting and pluralistic role of language in Brandon’s practice. Through recorded conversations, journal entries scrawled by the artist herself and pop music, Chatter playfully investigates the slippery space of language and its position as process and outcome, concept and material, fiction and reality.

Offering up her everyday life as a kind of case study, Brandon aims to engage in a conversation around autobiography in visual art and reflect on the ideas of authorship and intersubjectivity that arise from these spaces of working. Constantly shifting between authenticity and artifice, Chatter attempts to navigate the indeterminate space that arises when texts are translated between narrator and audience. By documenting her own everyday existence, Brandon aims to question our fascination with mediated realities and whether these experiences may ever be re-entered and re-experienced by an audience.


Hayley Brandon_metro arts_chatter   Hayley Brandon_metro arts_chatter____________________________________________________________

Cleanskins at Level ARI – The Hanger

26/07/12 to 31/07/12

Erika Scott, Michelle Knowles, Melissa Ryke, Jemima Wyman

Cleanskins is a one night exhibition of video work by selected Brisbane-based artists who hail from North Queensland. It brings together a selection of artists from this region in an effort to explore the potential influences of moving from North Queensland to Brisbane and whether or not this affects their approach to art practice.
cleanskins_level ari_the hanger   cleanskins_level ari_the hanger   cleanskins_level ari_the hanger



07/07/12 to 28/07/12

David M Thomas with Joseph Breikers and Stephen Russell

A false floor splices the gallery on the horizontal into upper and lower registers, and Thomas uses this upstairs/downstairs arrangement to reify CBD Gallery, a project space that he ran in Sydney from 1993 to 2000. On street level was the gallery space, that housed a new show every week. In CBD Gallery’s subterranean basement, Thomas set up his studio, played in a band, and sometimes presented films and art. He describes this space as a sea-grass and hessian lined orgone box. It was a private working, socialising and contemplating space now made into a gallery itself.

These two kind of spaces, usually understood as separate, are closely linked, both relate to and rely upon complex symbolic orders of subjectivity. To tease the idea of the studio as a place for self-construction, Thomas expands upon Boxcopy’s extant qualities as a site for confession, reflection and transformation.

If we look at Thomas’s project not so much as a repetition but a refrain – in musical terms – then the traumatic aspects of the second manifestation of a past context are charged differently with significance. Rather than thinking of repetition as subjectivity arrested, the reification of CBD and the studio becomes that return to a chorus or melody, which also provides a platform for departure and improvisation.


david m thomas_party-work-party_boxcopy   david m thomas_party-work-party_boxcopy   david m thomas_party-work-party_boxcopy____________________________________________________________

The Caravan Project at The Labyrinth – Brisbane Powerhouse

08/09/12 to 28/09/12

Carly Scoufos, Sophie Bottomley, Richard Stride, Dhana Merritt, David Creed, Angela Rossitto

Caravan is a collaboration between The Wandering Room ARI and A-CH Architects and explores how art and architecture can cross over to create new meanings. The project takes place as part of Brisbane Festival’s Under The Radar Program and runs for the duration of the festival. 


caravan_wandering room a-ch_powerhouse   caravan_wandering room a-ch_powerhouse   caravan_wandering room a-ch_powerhouse____________________________________________________________

Home at La Boite Theatre

18/07/12 to 28/07/12

Beverly Jenson, Margi Brown Ash, Leah Mercer



Colourise Media Art Exhibition at Bleeding Heart Gallery

23/07/12 to 23/07/12

Jenny Fraser, Archie Moore, Rebecca Pitt, John Graham, Christine Peacock, Tamara Whyte, Leah King-Smith, Ross Watson, Shane Togo




So where the bloody hell are you? at Current Projects – Ryan Renshaw Window Box

15/07/12 to 15/07/12

Sarah Clark, Nicole Beaumont

Current Projects presents recent video work by Brisbane emerging artist duo Clark Beaumont, in which the artists unpack the ‘Aussie’ identity and construct new narratives for both themselves and the audience. Originally created for SafARI 2012 in Sydney, ‘So where the bloody hell are you?’ ‘premieres’ in Brisbane as the second instalment of Current Projects’ Pear shaped series – a number of one-night exhibitions that present work by collaborative pairs.


clark beaumont_WTBHAY_current projects 2012   clark beaumont_WTBHAY_current projects 2012____________________________________________________________

The Lion and the Unicorn at Current Projects – Ryan Renshaw Window Box

04/07/12 to 14/07/12

Rachel Maclean

Current Projects presents a solo exhibition of video works by Glasgow artist Rachel Maclean. The exhibition examines Scottish identity in relation to history, mythology and popular culture.


the lion and the unicorn_rachel maclean_current projects   the lion and the unicorn_rachel maclean_current projects____________________________________________________________

Under the Radar at Out the Back Metro Arts

11/07/12 to 11/07/12

Megan Streader…

Consultation for use of equipment during forthcoming Brisbane Festival 2012 event.


Love the Robots at The Edge

16/12/11 to 27/06/12

Kristy Boyle

Love the Robots is live robotic theatre. It’s as much about the makers as it is about the creations.

Over the course of an afternoon, Edge Resident Kirsty Boyle will join with seven robotics artists, based locally in Brisbane and around the globe, to present an intimate window into their practice, taking you to the heart of where, how and why they create.

Hear their stories and see their robots, from demolition robots and body extension robotics to robots in love, swarm robots and humanoids.


love the robots_the edge_kristy boyle


I Stole Your Kisses (Perspective Studies on the Ghosts of Gods) at Boxcopy

01/06/12 to 23/06/12

Lawrence English

In 1977, Kiss was named the most popular band in America by a Gallup poll. They had risen from the outskirts of the NY Burroughs to dominate popular culture. This popularity led to a plethora of flow on commercial activity that pre-empted the explosion in merchandising and cross promotion, which came to dominate during the 1980s. Unlike every other band of their time, their names, faces and identities remained completely unknown. They presented themselves not as mortals, but as something other – something larger than real, something elevated and almost god-like. Kiss were, in some respects, a myth, and perhaps ultimately a simulacrum. They were a dreamt vision that somehow transgressed the fringes of obscurity and rooted itself in popular consciousness at one of the last moments during the 20th Century where such self-actualisation was possible. Today, we lie awake in knowledge, the dreams represented in Kiss have been washed away with the dawning light of a relentless information age.


lawrence english_boxcopy_2012_kiss   lawrence english_boxcopy_2012_kiss   lawrence english_boxcopy_2012_kiss____________________________________________________________

Access Arts at MAAP SPACE

15/06/12 to 15/06/12

Rehearsals coordinated by Zane Trow


Finitude at Artisan Gallery

12/04/12 to 09/06/12

Keith Armstrong

An interactive installation with embodied interface, digital projection, multi-touch sensitive screen surfaces, interactive 3D gaming software, motorised dioramas, 4 channel spatial sound & new furniture forms – investigating the cultural dimensions of sustainability through the lens of ‘time’.


finitude_keith armstrong_artisan


Rural Residency at Grassland Art Gallery – Tambo

25/05/12 to 31/05/12

Megan Cope

Curator Kevin Wilson put together a residency program for 7 Artists to partake in Tambo, which is approximately 880km north west of Brisbane. Artists were invited and encouraged to respond to the town and residents with drawings, sketches and ideas about Public art. Megan Cope’s installation was an animated text projection of the four Aboriginal nations from the region and had their approximate boundaries connected to the Barcoo river, It also featured glowing floodlines marking the recent high watermark from January’s flooding.  The installation was captured and transformed into a video work. This residency was facilitated by Arts Queensland


megan cope_ambo_rural residency 2012


FELT / Space at Boxcopy

05/05/12 to 26/05/12

Polly Dance, Ray Harris, Matthew Huppatz, Logan Macdonald, James Marshall, Riley O’Keefe, Patrick Rees

A collaborative project in the form of a partially funded residency in Space. The residency is the first of its kind and will provide the group with a unique working environment and the chance to let this environment shape their thought process and practice. FELTspace has exhibited nationally, internationally and now this 2 month interplanetary residency will further improve their experience in making, writing and exhibiting outside of Adelaide. FELT / Space is the second half of an exhibition exchange in 2012 between Boxcopy, Brisbane and FELTspace, Adelaide.


FELT-Space_boxcopy_2012   FELT-Space_boxcopy_2012   FELT-Space_boxcopy_2012____________________________________________________________

Energy at Ryan Renshaw Gallery

02/05/12 to 26/05/12

David Nixon

Solo exhibition in the main gallery space


ryan renshaw_david nixon_energy_2012   ryan renshaw_david nixon_energy_2012   ryan renshaw_david nixon_energy_2012____________________________________________________________

Episodes at Accidentally Annie Street – Jubilee Community Hall

19/05/12 to 19/05/12

David M Thomas, John Kilduff, Lynne Sanderson

Group exhibition with catalogue essay by Erika Scott


episodes_accidentally annie street_2012   episodes_accidentally annie street_2012   episodes_accidentally annie street_2012____________________________________________________________

The Lorikeet Island Project at Gold Coast City Art Gallery – Lorikeet Island

11/12/11 to 06/05/12

Alana Hampton, Marion Drew

The artists present a multi-channel media and sound installation; creating an immersive environment through the layering of light, sound, light drawing and the projection of still and moving photographic images.

Their work is based around a little visited island in the middle of the Gold Coast Broadwater – which they have named after the multitude of lorikeets that have made it their home. The island is covered with mangroves and at high tide is completely washed through by the sea, creating an environment that is totally transformed by the rhythms of the moon and sea water. The final installation also draws upon historical, scientific, and environmental knowledge with the collaboration of the Griffith School of Coastal Management. Visitors will find themselves experiencing moments of darkness, to emulate the experience of being on the water at night – floating in suspension in flux with the tide.

This project was part of the 2012 Queensland Festival of Photography.


lorikeet island project_marion drew_lana Hampton_gold coast


Light from Light at State Library of Queensland

01/10/10 to 01/02/12

Archie Moore, Eugene Carchesio, Grant Stevens, David Haines, Janet Burchill, Josef Strau, Zhang Peili, Wang Peng, Pak Sheung Chuen, Lin Tianmiao, Wang Gongxin, Joyce Hinterding, Jennifer McCamley

Light from Light is an international touring exhibition of contemporary art from Australia and China designed specifically for library spaces. The exhibition features artworks themed around the idea and properties of light, as interpreted by Australian, Chinese and European artists. A collection of light-inspired and light-generating artworks are displayed throughout library collection spaces, reading rooms and public areas. Artworks include a large outdoor solar-powered sculpture, neon art objects, light-sculptures, sounds generated by the sun and illuminated texts. This is a MAAP Project.


'Light from Light' (2010). State Library of Queensland, 2010-2012   'Turtle Twilight II' (2006-2011). State Library of Queensland, 2011-2012   'Theatre of the Lamps Talking in the Light of the Past' (2010). State Library of Queensland, 2010-2012____________________________________________________________

In 2012 MAAP Media Bank Sponsored 231 Projects