2010 Sponsored Projects

Light from Light at State Library of Queensland

01/10/10 to 01/02/12

Archie Moore, Eugene Carchesio, Grant Stevens, David Haines, Janet Burchill, Josef Strau, Zhang Peili, Wang Peng, Pak Sheung Chuen, Lin Tianmiao, Wang Gongxin, Joyce Hinterding, Jennifer McCamley

Light from Light is an international touring exhibition of contemporary art from Australia and China designed specifically for library spaces. The exhibition features artworks themed around the idea and properties of light, as interpreted by Australian, Chinese and European artists. A collection of light-inspired and light-generating artworks are displayed throughout library collection spaces, reading rooms and public areas. Artworks include a large outdoor solar-powered sculpture, neon art objects, light-sculptures, sounds generated by the sun and illuminated texts. This is a MAAP Project.


'Light from Light' (2010). State Library of Queensland, 2010-2012   'Turtle Twilight II' (2006-2011). State Library of Queensland, 2011-2012   'Theatre of the Lamps Talking in the Light of the Past' (2010). State Library of Queensland, 2010-2012____________________________________________________________

In 2010 MAAP Media Bank sponsored 18 projects