2008 Sponsored Projects

Intimate Transactions at Australian Regional Art Galleries, National Art Museum of China, Californian Polytechnic State University

28/08/08 to 18/10/09

Transmute Collective (Keith Armstrong, Guy Webster, Lisa O’Neill)

The work allows two people in separate spaces to interact simultaneously using their bodies and custom designed ‘smart furniture’.

Participants engage in a shared sensory intimacy, as they navigate their way through a physical interface of digital imagery, multichannel sound and tactile feedback.

The presentation of Intimate Transactions at Synthetic Times, National Art Museum of China in 2008, generated further touring opportunities. Intimate Transactions was part of a remote link-up with American audiences supported by the Californian Polytechnic State University, as well as a tour of eight regional Australian galleries supported by Museum and Gallery Services Queensland (MGSQ).


Intimate Transaction 1   Intimate Transaction 2   Intimate Transactions 3____________________________________________________________

The Sky is the Limit at Shopfront – Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts

01/09/08 to 09/09/08

Paul Bai

Brisbane based artist Paul Bai produced a site specific three-channel video projection exploring the notion of ‘space’ in the format of video projection.


paul abi_judith wright_sky is the limit


Synthetic Times: Media Art China at National Art Museum of China

09/06/08 to 03/07/08

Stelarc, Transmute Collective, Kim Kichul, Paul Lincoln

SYNTHETIC TIMES presented a survey show of some of the most significant media art installations created in this decade. MAAP supported the participation of artists from Australia and the South East Asian region, including Stelarc’s interactive Prosthetic Head, an extroverted ‘walking head’ robot; Transmute Collective’s Intimate Transactions (Keith Armstrong, Guy Webster and Lisa O’Neill, Australia); Kim Kichul’s (South Korea) Sound Drawing series of interactive audio drawings; and Paul Lincoln’s augmented reality air conditioned installation, Citizen’s Comfort (Singapore).