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Headphones & Headsets
Graphic Equalisers
Speakers & Speaker Stands




Description Quantity Extras Image
Biema W110 100 Watt stereo amplifier 3 Kettle power cable A1140005     A1140006
Vtrak 5.1 Channel Amplifier with Karaoke function 2 None


Audio Interface/Sound Card

Description Quantity Extras Image
M-Audio Pro Fire 610, 24Bit/192kHz, Audio Interface/Soundcard 1 4-pin to 6-pin Firewire, Figure 8 Power Cable     A1140007A1140009



Description Quantity Extras Image
Alcorn McBride Digital/Video Binloop 1 VGA Cable, Spare Binloop Card, USB/Ethernet Cable, VGA/DVI Adaptor x2, Setup Disc x2, Phone line, USB Adaptor


Headphones & Headsets

Description Quantity Extras Image
Aigo MP3, iPod, CD Earbud 1 Single Use
Phillips MP3, iPod, CD Earbud 7 Packaged, Single Use
Sony MDR-XD300 Headphones 7 Gold Stereo Unimatch Plug, 2.5m Extension Cord
Neumann headset
(with mini jack to plug into computer etc.)
32 None
Logitech USB headphones 2 None
Logitech Headset
(wireless headphones)
1 None
Wireless headphones 3 None


Graphic Equalisers

Description Quantity Extras Image
Mono 1/3 Octave graphic equaliser 4 None


Speakers & Speaker Stands

Description Quantity Extras Image
DSE Active 5.1 Home Theatre System 1 Main control unit, 5 speakers, RCA lead, 5 speaker leads (blue, red, yellow,green, white RCA ends), RCA lead (black, white) A1140013A1140014
Sony Home Theatre System 1 5 Speakers, 1 Subwoofer, Cables, 1 Remote, 1 Control Centre
Digitor Outdoor Speakers 2 2 speakers, 2 brackets, 2 x speaker cable, 4 x bolts, 4 x nuts, 4 x washers  A1140017A1140018
Creative Inspire Speaker Set 1 1 Subwoofer, 1 small Speaker, Cables, T 3000
Creative Inspire Subwoofer 1 T 3000   A1140020A1140024
Edirol Stereo Micro Monitors 2 Figure 8 cable, RCA Cable, RCA/Audio Cable, User Manual
Behringer Truth B2031A  Studio Monitors 7 None
Behringer Truth 2092A Sub 3 None   A1140028A1140029
Proel Black Speaker Stands SPSK300BK 12 None
Quicklok Tiltable Speaker Stands 3 None A1140032
Speaker Stand Top Hat Bracket 8 None
Speaker stand w/ adaptor plate  1200x200x200mm 1 None Coming soon