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New Primitive

1/6/2011 ,  Collins Place (MAAP)

Gross Bodies of Light

30/6/2010 ,  Collins Place (MAAP)

Gross Bodies of Light was a one-night only exhibition of ‘ephemeral’ artworks comprised of light, sound and moving image adapted for the heritage building site of Collins Place (MAAP’s former residence) and curated by Brisbane Artist Run Initiative SPEC. On the 30th of July 2010, artworks and performances by Brisbane artists rubbed up against the idiosyncratic colonial features of the building, such as the generous balcony spaces, the expansive windows and the cavernous central hallway. A number of artists projected handmade 16mm film and over-head ... Read More

Studies in Perception: 4^15

1/1/2010 - 1/5/2010 ,  ABI Group Building South Bank

“I am primarily interested in the “evolution” of surface and the relationship between the resulting artwork and human cognitive processes. I look forward to a future where computational processes like the ones that I build will themselves make artworks without the need for human intervention. The creation of such processes is something that has always fascinated me” – Paul Brown. Paul Brown’s 4^15: Studies in Perception (2006-2009) is a generative computational artwork, meaning that rather than being constructed or designed, the artist descri ... Read More