Gravity is a MAAP-initiated exhibition that forms the cornerstone of the MAAP in Singapore 2004: GRAVITY festival.

Held in four gallery spaces of the Singapore Art Museum, the exhibition opens in two stages.

The first stage (1st-21st October, 2004) presents Yves Klein’s photographic work Le Saut dans la Vide (Leap into the Void) (1960) alongside an empty screen projection in its default state – ultimate electronic blue.  For the two weeks of stage one, the remaining gallery spaces remain purposefully empty, signalling a dramatic pause as well as a reference to Klein’s 1958 exhibition Le Vide (the Void).

The second stage (27th October – 28th November) disrupts the quiet, meditative state of stage one, as the Singapore Art Museum fills with media art works from thirteen artists based predominately in Australia and the Asia-Pacific region.  The exhibition considers the collective weightiness of the artists’ conceptual expression against the weightlessness of their medium: digital code.