MAAP 1999: Collapsing Geographies

MAAP 1999: Collapsing Geographies : 3 -12 September 

MAAP 1999: Collapsing Geographies examined technology’s role in reconfiguring social geography.

The theme ‘Collapsing Geographies’ considered online artistic collaboration and advanced cross-cultural dialogue as transgressing traditional social and geographical borders. on the Web was an online art residency that drew together artists from China, Korea and Australia, and a significant festival event which marked the beginning of MAAP’s long and productive engagement with the artists Feng Mengbo (Beijing) and Young-Hae Chang (Seoul).

Thirty online art projects (artist’s websites, online exchange programs, online exhibitions) were launched on a daily basis over the month of September on the Missile Web Launch Site. This impressive and experimental online project included:

* Neon Urlab by Jun-Jieh Wang, a virtual travel agency
* Niranjan Rajah’s online installation, La Folie de la Peiture
* The online exhibition, Space Invaders, curated by Jason Gee and Nicholas Tsoutas
* Future Suture, curated by Derek Kreckler
* Online radio project Radioqualia
* Cities on the move by For Shi Yong

Also featured was DIKI – a virtual pop star from Korea, and in fact the world’s first virtual pop star. She also was the first Japanese singer to release a CD in Korea, after bans on Japanese culture were lifted. Her transgression of cultural borders and corporeal form became an unexpected metaphor for the festival.

The diverse program of on- and off-line events included screenings, performances, interactive exhibitions and a conference in partnership with the Third Asia Pacific Triennial. The MAAP forum discussed shifting morphologies of landmarks, boarders, nation states, transnational territories, corporate capital and virtual government.

Events were held in Brisbane in the Queensland Art Gallery, Brisbane City Gallery, Brisbane Exhibition and Convention Centre, Queensland Sciencenter, Queen St Mall, State Library of Queensland, Metro Arts, Dendy Cinema, Palace Gallery and The Zoo.

MAAP was an official partner to the Third Asia Pacific Triennial, Screen Culture and Virtual Triennial programs.

You can read a summary report on REALTIME ARTS here.