Wang Peng



Beyond, 2014 by Wang Peng
3 channel video, monitors, 20:00

WANG PENG (China, b. 1964) explores a very particular logic relating to screen space in his recent video work. His approach is realised through constructed techniques that includes the synthesis of two or more spatial points of view within the one screen. In Beyond for LANDSEASKY, it is the separation and relationship between the three screens imagery with reference to an obscured (or invisible) horizon that is employed. In ‘Feeling North Korea’ half of the screen is flattened by imposing a black void, while the other half screen plays out footage the artist discreetly filmed on a visit to Pyongyang.

Since the early 1990s Wang Peng has experimented with performance, time-based arts, video, photography and installation. He is credited as being the first performance artist in China. Exhibitions include TRA Gallery Beijing, Platform China Beijing, Boers-Li Gallery Beijing, 01100001 Gallery Beijing, Chengdu Biennial, Tate Liverpool, UK, the 4th Gwangju Biennale.