Paul Bai


Untitled (Wind Charm) 2013 by Paul Bai
Single channel video projection, timber, audio
Image courtesy the artist and Pestorious Projects

PAUL BAI (Australia) b.1968 proposes a spiralling wind charm as an image to contemplate and reconcile for LANDSEASKY. What is the reality of its orientation? Is it spiralling left or right, up or down?  As the split projection suggests a physical orientation of the spatial context, the image that is separated by two leaning panels also introduces the projection space into the physical space of the gallery. To this extent, the blue sky and the gap between two panels all demonstrate a spatial position that is temporal, indeterminate and liminal, and doesn’t adhere to conventional binary tensions.


Bai works in various media including painting, sculpture, video, photography and collage. Through out his practice, Bai poses a consistent interest in the notion of space, by adopting the tradition of conceptual art, he re-instigates the topic of ‘content and context’ by displaying the ambiguous nature of spatiality that is both conceptual and physical. He has exhibition with Pestorius Sweeney House, Institute of Modern Art Brisbane, Singapore Art Museum, Yuill/Crowley Gallery Sydney, University of Queensland Art Museum, Sarah Cottier Gallery Sydney, Monash University Museum of Art, Melbourne.