Wu Meichun

Wu Meichun is an independent curator and key figure in the development of Chinese Video and Live Art. In 1997 Meichun curated China’s second video art exhibition, following the 1996 exhibition Phenomenon and Image curated by Meichun’s partner Qiu Zhije. In 1999 Wu Meichun curated the landmark exhibition Post-sense Sensibility: Alien Bodies & Delusion, regarded as an important turning point in underground exhibitions in China. In 2001 Meichun and Zhije curated the exhibition Post-sense Sensibility: Spree, which aimed to work against the pre-eminence of conceptual and the notion of the completion of artworks. Wu Meichun is an Associate Professor in the Research Department of the China Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing.

Wu Meichun curated the Chinese EXCESS programme of the MAAP 2001 festival held at the Brisbane Powerhouse. The MAAP 2001 festival also included a screening of documentation from the Post-sense Sensibility: Spree exhibition.