Ai Yamamoto

Ai Yamamoto has been producing abstract videos and sound works since 2000. Ai’s works are often created in computer environments and could be described as electronic based, abstract and melodic.

Ai has been performing in Australia since 2000. Throughout 2000 + 2001 Ai focused more on making audio work. Since 2001 she also moved into video work and developed a strong interest in the relationship between audio and video.

In addition, she is in the improvisation group called “Denki jam”. There are four other people (Cornel Wilzac-Qua, Cailan Burns –Pretty Boy Cross over, Mark Harwood, and Philip Patracica) by using only MD players to improvise.

Ai On Video

Making audio/video works is one of my big interests. The relationship between the visual and the audio varies. When video is the narrative base, music holds a supporting role to the image and triggers particular feelings. When video is abstract, music becomes dominant and finds its own voice. I am interested in this complex relationship between audio and the visual. In my collaborations with composer Mark Harwood (see “Lawn” and “Fish Swimming” below) sound and image are balanced and are integral to one another: the sound wouldn’t make sense without the image and the image would not make sense without sound. I believe that they are both abstract.