BEFF 6: Thai Experimenta Program

BEFF 6 – Raiding the Archives
MAAP SPACE Gallery 2, Screen 2 (head-phoned)

Program 2: Thai Experimenta
Curated by Mary Pansanga

A group of Thai works from the previous two decades which explore the uncanny capacity of film and video to make the past present and elicit memory.


1. Chulayarnnon, Chulayarnnon Siriphol, 2008. 5:00 mins
Using his own portrait to show a child who cannot recall his childhood.

2. Nang Sod, Dome Sukawong, 1985. 2:09 mins
Remnants from the editing room can create unique charming abstract hand painted images.

3. Madang Bo Sai, Pasit Punpruksachat, 1999. 24:00 mins
An early video from a true underground film and sound artist. Paisit takes a
discarded strip of ethnographic film and creates a hypnotic dance of illegibility,
transparency, concrete noise, primal sound. The synthesized soundtrack and the
slow, pulsing pace builds up into a fresh take on the emulsion decays of an old
film and nostalgia for the medium.

4. Boring Blinker, Surabongse Binichkhah, 1985. 2:40 mins
A striking flicker film exploring the perception of both the creator and the viewer. WARNING: Strong strobing effect.

5. Once Upon a Time, Panu Aree, 2000. 14:00 mins
Panu Aree brings back memories of a long lost amusement park to his family home movie.

6. Loneliness is Everywhere, Wiwat Lertwiwatwongsa, 2007 9:35 mins
Wong Kar Wai’s Day of Being Wild from a Thai subtitles VCD version not only reflects on his real life but as well the way cinema is experienced across South East Asia. (George Clark)

7. Cutter, Trimmer and Chainsaw, Pathompon Tesprateep, 2011. 2:53 mins (Excerpt from 59 mins).
“Cutter,Trimmer and Chainsaw is my exploration of the relationship between the process of filmmaking and human activities in relation to power-driven forces and various types of labour. As for artistic aspect, I am interested in the belief of reconstructing fortified social structures.”