November Newsletter & MAAP website update

MAAP websites – artist’s work or hackavision?

If you’ve tried visiting our websites <>  and <>  in the last couple of weeks you would have noticed an angry malware notice.

Was this a conceptual art work by a sophisticated artist? Unfortunately not.

Our database for <>  was seriously compromised, and to ensure that every little piece of dirty code is totally eliminated we have chosen to rebuild our site anew. We have no idea what the hacker thinks they have accomplished by pushing us over – it’s not like breaking into NASA!

To all the researchers, Media Bank users and general audience… we appreciate your patience as we clean up our act, and apologies to all those inconvenienced by this.

As a precaution we took all sites down. We expect to be back online within the next week, with the completed website operating well before Christmas – having stepped up security measures, you can visit the reinstated sites with confidence.

Media Bank loans to increase in 2012

The MAAP Media Bank is set to efficiently turn over an even higher volume of equipment loans to artists now that we have launched our electronic loans systems. Barcode scanners and an electronic catalogue have been introduced to the free service so that in 2012 we are able to expand our capacity for loans.

A note to artists: we will be rebuilding our online pictorial catalogue and online loans forms as a priority during our website rebuild.

Light from Light open at State Library of Queensland

MAAP’s major touring exhibition Light from Light has completed its circuit of libraries of China, however it is still viewable at the State Library of Queensland over the summer period.

Shortly we will be announcing a floor talk to be held at the library during the Christmas break, hosted by curator Kim Machan and some of the Light from Light artists.

New premises 2012

MAAP will be moving into a shiny new office in 2012, with our official new address to be announced in our next newsletter.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank the South Bank Corporation for the mutually rewarding partnership that has seen us luxuriously accomodated in the heritage Collins Place building in South Bank since 2009. During our time in South Bank we have transformed shop-front spaces into temporary exhibition zones and have hosted some highly memorable performances and one-night exhibitions at old Collins Place.

We look forward to continuing our arts consultancy partnership with the South Bank Corporation in 2012, as well as welcoming you all into our new space.

For those curious about the beautiful heritage building we’ve been occupying – developments on the adjoining properties will commence in early 2012, and after some temporary disruptions, Collins Place will be returned to its former glory.

We will be announcing our program for 2012 next month, before we close our office for a short summer break.