Public Program OCAT Shanghai, Sing Song-Yong and Dong Bingfeng

OCAT Shanghai Pavilion | Online Lecture
The Past and Present of Contemporary Taiwanese Video Art: History, Aesthetics, Technology – by Sing Song-Yong

This lecture is part of the [Refocusing on the Medium: the Rise of East Asia Video Art] Public Program
Date: Sunday, January 24, 2021
Shanghai Time: 2-4pm

About the lecture
In the early 1980s, Taiwan’s video art was announced. Artists who returned to Taiwan from Japan and the United States and creators who were studying at the Academy of Fine Arts in colleges and universities started the artistic practice of electronic imaging. For nearly 40 years now, Taiwan’s video art has a well-developed genealogy in terms of expression style and screening form. This lecture will focus on how the important works and creative ideas of artists of different generations over the past four decades have been further developed from the pioneering electronic image prototype to the multiple expression skills of digital chronology.

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